Hospital Operations Supervisor - 36hrs Night - Maui Memorial Medical Center

Wailuku, Hawaii
Jul 11, 2024
Sep 14, 2024
Job Summary:

The RN House Supervisor functions as a liaison for the entire facility and assumes shift responsibility for evaluating, coordinating, and maintaining safe and effective patient care delivery and operations for hospital-wide activities. The RN House Supervisor provides nursing expertise in the management of patient care, staffing and bed management, while ensuring the interpretation and use of established policies and procedures. This includes functioning as the point person for bed control and for receiving requests for direct admissions and transfers, and over-seeing house-wide clinical staffing functions. They collaborate with medical staff to coordinate patient care requirements including the need to transfer patients into or out of the hospital. Acts on behalf of hospital administration outside of customary business hours and collaborates with the administrator on-call when necessary for direction and decision making outside their authority. Requires the knowledge to initiate and coordinate emergency response to critical events and natural disasters.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates and integrates resources throughout the facility. Problem solves on a daily basis utilizing appropriate resources and communicates concerns to nursing leadership, Administrator-on-call, and Medical Staff as appropriate.

  • Manages hospital capacity and capability for services at all times. Monitors changes in patient volume or acuity in inpatient and outpatient departments, including the Emergency Room.

  • In consultation with the Administrator-on-call, institutes and discontinues diversionary status of hospital services, based on immediately available capacity and coverage of hospital services as defined.

  • Triages and prioritizes patients for admission. Assigns admissions in accordance with patient needs.

  • Accepts transferred patients on behalf of the hospital and in coordination with the accepting physician. Consering immediate and anticipated hospital capacity, staffing, and service capability. Coordinates with transfer service the incoming transfer of patients from other islands. Facilitates and coordinates emergent care and/or provision for safety needs. Authorizes mobilization and/or activation of personnel across continuum, as necessary, to facilitate hospital operations, patient care and/or ensure a safe environment.

  • Practices effective and professional communication techniques with all interactions; enforces and assists in the interpretation of hospital, departmental, and medical staff policies.

  • Acts as on-site administrative representative for Hospital Administration outside of customary business hours. Communicates with and reports to Administrator-On-Call issues affecting hospital operations. Provides direction and support to ancillary services after hours to ensure quality service and a safe environment for patients and staff.

  • Educates/trains, supervises, counsels, and has authority to discipline (including suspension) when policies or safety practices are breached. Documents details and follows up with management timely.

  • Maintains and demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of nursing principles, practices, standards, and techniques and applies this knowledge in accordance with MMMC policies and within laws and regulations governing nursing practice in the state of Hawaii.

  • Responds to all patient and facility emergencies. Serves as Incident Commander initially and Operations Manager (or other role as assigned) in the Emergency Operations Center during facility and community emergency situations. Observes and/or facilitates direct response to assure resolution and documentation of processes.

  • Identifies risk management issues and potential and actual significant events. Initiates proper procedures. Communicates with Administrator on Call. Communicates with other department or unit managers for follow up or additional action.

  • Communicates pertinent information at shift reports, to Unit Managers, to the Administrator-on-call, and to other departmental leaders as appropriate.

  • Provides and maintains a safe environment for staff, patients, and guests.

  • Ensures quality patient care according to professional practice guidelines and intervenes as needed including implementing disciplinary/corrective action procedures which may include pending termination.

  • Coordinates safe patient care with physicians and health care team. Advocates for patients and families. Serves as Administrative Representative for resolution and documentation of customer service issues.

  • Routinely rounds and communicates with unit charge nurse. Assesses complex patient care situations collaborating with medical staff in regard to level of care requirements.

  • Maintains and applies knowledge of current regulatory standards (e.g., EMTALA, CMS, TJC) and unit specific criteria for appropriate admission, placement, and transfer of patients.

  • Demonstrates fiscal responsibility for operational budget by timely triage, prioritization, and repatriation of patients to provide quality patient care with efficient utilization of material and human resources.

  • Participates in orientation of staff (e.g., charge nurses, coordinators, care managers) to facility operations.

  • Monitors and adjusts nursing shift staffing to meet patient needs in conjunction with unit manager or unit charge nurse. Adjusts as necessary for change in census and/or patient acuity to maintain qualify and professional care standards and operational budget guidelines. Communicates exceptions to management responsible for department.

  • Assumes 24 hour responsibility for float pool staff. Supervises and schedules float pool and call-in staff. Promotes flexible scheduling of float and call-in staff in support of all patient care areas to meet patient care needs and staff needs in a fiscally responsible manner.

  • Maintains knowledge and skills for safe patient care. Completes all mandatory in-services and certification.

  • Attends and participates in department and unit meetings. Actively supports and participates in team projects.

  • May perform patient care to the extent necessary to maintain clinical expertise, competency, and licensing necessary to fulfill job responsibilities and to direct the provision of care on the unit.

  • Provides direct patient care on an as needed basis. Provides services that are within scope of license and in compliance with all legal, regulatory, and policy requirements relevant to clinical role performed.

  • Conducts all activities with the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. Complies with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures, supporting the organizations corporate integrity efforts by acting in an ethical and appropriate manner, reporting known or suspected violation of applicable rules, and cooperating fully with all organizational investigations and proceedings.

  • Incorporates the MHS Nursing Vision, Model and Values throughout their Nursing Practice.

  • Delivers customer service and/or patient care in a manner that promotes goodwill, is timely, efficient, and accurate.

  • May perform additional duties of similar complexity within the organization, as required or assigned.

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