Licensed Vocational Nurse I.V. Certified GI Dept -Temporary Full Time

Sacramento, California
Jun 18, 2024
Jun 24, 2024
Job Summary:

Provides nursing care, under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or physician, in accordance with the legal scope of practice and within established standards of care, policies, and procedures. Demonstrates performance consistent with the Medical Center Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan of the organization. Remains flexible to changing systems; is expected to demonstrate quality and effectiveness in work habits and clinical practice; and treats co-workers, patients, families, and all members of the health care team with dignity and respect.
This classification is for LVNs working in a designated IV Therapy department.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • The Licensed Vocational Nurse demonstrates proficiency by exhibiting the following skills, competencies, and behaviors:

  • Leadership:

  • Upholds Kaiser Permanentes Policies and Procedures, Principles of Responsibilities, and applicable state, federal and local laws.

  • Demonstrates a professional, supportive attitude.

  • Identifies and supports new ideas.

  • Utilizes effective communication strategies, including chain of command and issue escalation, which result in intended outcomes.

  • Participates in problem identification and resolution.

  • Mentors and orients others in skill and behavioral learning.

  • Demonstrates ability to problem solve with other departments in order to assist member problem resolution.

  • Prioritizes and delegates work assignments appropriately to ensure completion of patient care activities.

  • Complies with regulatory requirements, policies, procedures, and standards of practice.

  • Nursing Process:

  • Performs patient care activities, within the scope of practice, considering age-related needs of the patient as assigned.

  • Reports unusual findings to the Registered Nurse and contributes recommendations for revision to the plan of care.

  • Adheres to hospital standards, which customize care for age-related needs of the population served.

  • Keeps health care team members informed regarding patients responses to interventions.

  • Collaborates with registered Nurse to develop individualized plan of care that reflects clinical findings, planning, implementing, and evaluating the outcomes of that plan.

  • Monitors patients progress based on the plan.

  • Assures care meets standards of practice.

  • Collaborates with Registered Nurse to assure patient/family education.

  • Documentation:

  • Charting is legible, dated, and timed.

  • Documentation reflects thorough data collection and care provided.

  • Safety

  • Applies standard precautions; maintains a safe environment for self and others.

  • Clinical Outcomes:

  • Discusses patient findings and progress toward outcomes with Registered Nurse, physicians, and other members of the health care team.

  • Demonstrates competencies during the probationary period and ongoing by completion of departmental competency validation.

  • Participates in departmental performance improvement activities, i.e., planning, and measuring/monitoring, assessing and improving.

  • Utilizes computer systems effectively and efficiently.

  • Customer Service:

  • Practices customer service standards as defined by the Service Area, Medical Center, and specified department.

  • Anticipates the customers desires, takes proactive steps to meet those needs, by listening and taking responsibility within scope to ensure issues are resolved.

  • Promptly answers call lights, alarms, and patient requests.

  • Facilitates the customer's ability to utilize resources.

  • Maintains and protects patient confidentiality.

  • Assures a clean, orderly, and functional work environment.

  • Team Commitment:

  • Viewed by others to be an effective team member who is flexible, cooperative, and willing to assist others.

  • Confronts difficult or conflict situations constructively and seeks appropriate assistance.

  • Takes accountability for own actions

  • Acts as a resource, preceptor, and mentor to new employees, registry, students, and other team members.

  • Actively participates in departmental professional development activities.

  • Adheres to Attendance Policy.

  • Supports a collaborative labor-management partnership environment.

  • Collaborates with physician and/or Registered Nurse to develop individualized plan of care that reflects clinical findings, planning, implementing, and evaluating the outcomes of that plan.

  • Collaborates with physician and/or Registered Nurse to assure patient/family education.

Grade: 655

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