LVN I (Bilingual)

Bakersfield, California
Jun 14, 2024
Jun 18, 2024
Job Summary:

Licensed Vocational Nurses are licensed health professionals who perform patient care, technical and supportive services under general supervision in a medical office or clinical setting. The LVN supports the philosophy and complies with the protocols, policies and procedures of the Organization and the assigned Medical Office Department.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • Upholds Kaiser Permanentes Policies and Procedures, Principles of Responsibilities and applicable state, federal and local laws.

  • Representative Tasks:

  • Perform patient care functions as prescribed by physician/health care professionals following established protocols, policies and procedures within their scope of education, training and responsibilities.

  • Assist medical personnel with special procedures, minor surgical procedures and/or diagnostic exams.

  • Assess and monitor patients condition and notify physician/health care professional for disposition.

  • Prepare and administer medications as directed by physician order, following established protocols.

  • Maintain equipment and supplies. Identify and arrange for equipment needing repair. Apply principles of aseptic technique and infection control as directed by the Infection Control Manual.

  • Monitor patient flow and assign/direct other ancillary personnel as needed.

  • Provide medical information and education to patients, following established protocols and guidelines.

  • Document pertinent patient information, assessment and nursing procedures, following established protocols. Maintain patient confidentiality.

  • Patient/Care Procedures:

  • Explain purpose and process of examinations, tests and medical procedures to patients, following established guidelines.

  • Instruct patients on general health and basic self care procedures.

  • Review, explain and clarify physician orders with patient or parent.

  • Instruct patient in use of home equipment.

  • Administer patient first aid.

  • Apply basic orthopedic devices, as ordered by physician.

  • Apply and remove dressings.

  • Execute treatments such as urinary catheterization, bladder irrigations, suction procedures and throat irrigations.

  • Follow standard infection control procedures.

  • Administer enemas.

  • Initiate emergency procedures (including basic CPR) and provide emergency patient treatments.

  • Irrigate and pack wounds.

  • Lift patients.

  • Monitor patient vital signs.

  • Monitor patients for bleeding.

  • Observe machine monitors.

  • Administer inhalation therapy.

  • Participate in development of nursing care plans.

  • Perform surgical preps.

  • Prepare and position patients for procedures.

  • Prepare patients for physical examinations.

  • Provide therapeutic care as ordered by physician.

  • Rinse and clean instruments and equipment.

  • Sterilize instruments and equipment.

  • Arrange for equipment repair and maintenance.

  • Maintain clean work area.

  • Monitor supply of oxygen and gas tanks.

  • Complete laboratory, radiology requisitions and specialized test forms.

  • Notify appropriate personnel of abnormal lab test results.

  • Answer member inquires.

  • Observe patient condition for reactions during and after procedures.

  • Remove sutures following established protocols.

  • Respond to Code Blues.

  • Take and record patient vital signs, height, weight, etc.

  • Obtain specimens from patients (urine, stool, etc.).

  • Perform venipuncture and finger sticks to obtain blood samples.

  • Prepare specimens and specimens for lab analysis.

  • Perform urine tests (tablet or dipstick.)

  • Perform vision screening using Snellen chart.

  • Perform routine diagnostic tests, following established protocols.

  • Perform skin tests.

  • Assist as member of surgical team.

  • Assist physicians with endotrachael intubations.

  • Assists physician in obtaining tissue specimens and biopsies.

  • Assist with proctological procedures (i.e. sigmoidoscopies.)

  • Restrain or support patients during procedures.

  • Perform EKGs (electrocardiograms.)

  • Assist patients with ambulation and exercises, following established protocols.

  • Administer topical or aerosol medication as ordered.

  • Administer medications as prescribed, within scope of practice.

  • Transportation:

  • Transport patients to/from designated areas.

  • Route specimens to laboratory.

  • Transport laboratory specimens, medical records, laboratory supplies and materials.

  • Transport office supplies and materials, patient related supplies and materials.

  • Transport equipment, and procedures trays.

  • Administrative/Clerical/Record Keeping: Request charts/medical records.

  • Schedule, cancel and reschedule patient appointments.

  • Initiate follow up appointments with patients.

  • Check in patients/members.

  • Prepare outgoing mail.

  • Locate personnel by paging system or beeper.

  • Provide patient information to family members, following patient confidentiality guidelines.

  • Record and send Faxs.

  • Screen patient calls and take messages for providers.

  • Maintain department logs.

  • Maintain and update user manuals.

  • Monitor and maintain protocol manuals.

  • Respond to requests for information.

  • Order medical supplies and equipment.

  • Receive, store and distribute materials and supplies.

  • Replenish linen.

  • Adjust work schedules and/or reassign personnel as directed.

  • Serve as resource to coworkers by answering procedure questions and assisting in problem solving.

  • Participate in special projects and studies.

  • Demonstrate safety procedures.

  • Coordinate and monitor activities within the module.

  • Function as team leader.

  • Participate in department meetings.

  • Train and orient new staff to equipment, general duties and procedures, following established protocols.

  • Maintain proficiency in clinical skills.

  • Answer call lights.

  • Answer telephones and take messages.

  • Call in telephone prescriptions, following established protocols.

  • Assume other activities and responsibilities from time to time as directed.