LPN, Cardiac, Bilingual (36hrs, Days)

Clackamas, Oregon
Jun 05, 2024
Aug 13, 2024
Job Summary:

Participates with the Health Care Team in delivering quality and customer focused care to patients in a manner which reflects Kaiser Permanente's organizational and nursing mission, vision and values. Provides nursing and administrative support to clinicians and other health care team members to offer a variety of health care services to patients. Clinical duties involve both direct (in person) and indirect (via phone or on-line) patient care activities requiring both simple to complex nursing knowledge and skills. As appropriate to the LPNs scope of practice, the LPN is expected to have competent focused/limited nursing assessment and triage skills on routine or self-limiting health conditions, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills in order to meet patient needs and contribute to a positive care experience and work environment. Performs clinical tasks and procedures under the direction of a clinician, within the scope of the LPNs professional training and individual competency. Works under the clinical supervision of the clinician or registered nurse and under the general direction of the designated supervisor.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Clinical Tasks: These job tasks provide patient care & are to be performed competently, consistently, accurately & according to established regional/departmental clinical protocols, policies & procedures & standards.

  • They are: Prepares & organizes patients office visit for known reason/procedure by ensuring that all appropriate tests, clinical information (e.g. diagnostic test results, consultation reports, outside reports, etc.) & order entries are ready for clinician review prior to appointment time.

  • Performs focused/limited nursing assessment & triage on routine or self-limiting medical conditions as directed by RN/clinician.

  • Recognizes when to defer to and/or assist with comprehensive assessment for complex medical conditions by RN/clinician.

  • Utilizes standardized tools (e.g. PST, health maintenance alerts) to identify & address health maintenance/care gaps with patient & alerts clinician on those that require his/her attention.

  • Recognizes signs & symptoms of common & routine medical conditions/illnesses, abnormal versus new/existing & implements planned nursing & medical interventions as delegated by RN/clinician.

  • Contributes to the development, implementation or modification of the individualized patients plan of care under the direction of the RN/clinician.

  • Prepares patient for actual visit/procedure prior to clinicians exam during rooming-in process .

  • Assures exam/procedure room contains appropriate supplies, equipment, forms & educational materials are available & ready for use during visit/procedure.

  • Checks equipment are in safe working order & cleans room after use.

  • Provides health teaching/education or advice on routine or self-limiting medical conditions, procedures, tests, surgeries, self-injections, etc.

  • Utilizes standardized tools to determine patients level of engagement in self-care as directed by RN.

  • Uses KP HealthConnect & other information systems to document all pertinent data & outcomes of nursing care according to standardized procedures & policies such as & not limited to the use of SBAR, SOAP or APIE, KP HealthConnect smart tools, etc.

  • Updates demographic/historical clinical data gathered in electronic medical record.

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