LVN II - BALDWIN PARK MOB II - Orthopedics - On Call - Day

Baldwin Park, California
Jun 05, 2024
Sep 13, 2024
Job Summary:

Under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or physician provides nursing care in accordance with the legal scope of practice and within established standards of care, policies and procedures. Demonstrates performance consistent with the Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan of the organization. Demonstrates quality and effectiveness in work habits and clinical practice and treats co-workers, patients, families and all members of the health care team with dignity and respect.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Representative Duties:

    • Upholds Kaiser Permanente's Policies and Procedures, Principles of Responsibilities and applicable state, federal and local laws.

    • Performs patient care functions, within the scope of competency, considering age related needs of the patient as prescribed by physician/health care professional(s) following established protocols, policies and procedures.

    • Assist medical personnel with special procedures, minor surgical procedures and/or diagnostic exams.

    • Assess and monitor patients condition and notify physician/health care professional for disposition.

    • Prepare and administer medications as directed by physician order following established protocols.

    • Maintain equipment and supplies.

    • Identify and arrange for equipment needing repair.

    • Apply principles of aseptic technique and infection control as directed by the Infection Control Manual.

    • Monitor patient flow and assign/direct other ancillary personnel as needed.

    • Provide medical information and education to patients, following established protocols and guidelines.

    • Document pertinent patient information, assessment and nursing procedures following established protocols.

    • Maintain patient confidentiality.

    • Perform other duties as directed.

  • Patient/Care Procedures:

    • Explain purpose and process of examinations, tests and medical procedures to patients, following established guidelines.

    • Instruct patients on general health and basic self care procedures.

    • Review, explain and clarify physician orders with patient.

    • Instruct patient in use of home equipment.

    • Administer patient first aid.

    • Apply basic orthopedic devices, as ordered by physician.

    • Apply and remove dressings.

    • Execute treatments such as urinary catheterization, bladder irrigations, suction procedures and throat irrigations.

    • Follow standard infection control procedures.

    • Administer enemas.

    • Initiate emergency procedures (including basic CPR) and provide emergency patient treatments

    • Lift patients.

    • Monitor patient vital signs.

    • Monitor patients for bleeding.

    • Observe machine monitors.

    • Administer inhalation therapy.

    • Participate in development of nursing care plans.

    • Perform surgical preps.

    • Prepare and position patients for procedures.

    • Prepare patients for physical examinations.

    • Provide therapeutic care as ordered by physician.

    • Rinse and clean instruments and equipment.

    • Sterilize instruments and equipment.

    • Arrange for equipment repair and maintenance.

    • Maintain clean work area.

    • Monitor supply of oxygen and gas tanks.

    • Complete laboratory, radiology requisitions and specialized test forms.

    • Notify appropriate personnel of abnormal lab test results.

    • Answer member inquires.

    • Observe patient condition for reactions during and after procedures.

    • Remove sutures following established protocols.

    • Respond to Code Blues.

    • Take and record patient vital signs, height, weight, etc.

    • Obtain specimens from patients (urine, stool, etc.).

    • Perform venipuncture and finger sticks to obtain blood samples.

    • Prepare specimens and specimens for lab analysis.

    • Perform urine tests (tablet or dipstick.)

    • Perform vision screening using Snellen chart.

    • Perform routine diagnostic tests, following established protocols.

    • Perform skin tests.

    • Assist as member of surgical team.

    • Assist physicians with endotrachael intubations.

    • Assists physician in obtaining tissue specimens and biopsies.

    • Assist with proctological procedures (i.e. Sigmoidoscopies.)

    • Restrain or support patients during procedures.

    • Perform EKGs (electrocardiograms.)

    • Assist patients with ambulation and exercises, following established protocols

    • Administer topical or aerosol medication as ordered.

    • Administer medications as prescribed, within scope of practice.

  • Transportation:

    • Transport patients to/from designated areas.

    • Route specimens to laboratory.

    • Transport laboratory specimens, medical records, laboratory supplies and materials.

    • Transport office supplies and materials, patient related supplies and materials.

    • Transport equipment, and procedures trays.

  • Administrative/Clerical/Record Keeping:

    • Request charts/medical records.

    • Schedule, cancel and reschedule patient appointments.

    • Initiate follow up appointments with patients.

    • Check in patients/members.

    • Prepare outgoing mail.

    • Locate personnel by paging system or beeper.

    • Provide patient information to family members, following patient confidentiality guidelines.

    • Record and send Faxs.

    • Screen patient calls and take messages for providers.

    • Maintain department logs.

    • Maintain and update user manuals.

    • Monitor and maintain protocol manuals.

    • Respond to requests for information.

    • Order medical supplies and equipment.

    • Receive, store and distribute materials and supplies.

    • Replenish linen.

    • Adjust work schedules and/or reassign personnel as directed.

    • Serve as resource to coworkers by answering procedure questions and assisting in problem solving.

    • Participate in special projects and studies.

    • Demonstrate safety procedures.

    • Coordinate and monitor activities within the module.

    • Function as team leader.

    • Participate in department meetings.

    • Train and orient new staff to equipment, general duties and procedures, following established protocols.

    • Maintain proficiency in clinical skills.

    • Answer call lights.

    • Answer telephones and take messages.

    • Call in telephone prescriptions, following established protocols.

    • Assume other activities and responsibilities as directed.

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