Charge Nurse

Kula, Hawaii
Jun 01, 2024
Sep 15, 2024
Job Summary:

Provides nursing care and services to patients/families. Provides direction to licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and nursing assistive personnel. Delegates nursing care according to according to legal and regulatory guidelines/statutes and organizational policies.Utilizes reasonable judgment in carrying out prescribed medical orders of a practitioner. Functions as primary nurse/total patient caregiver. Serves as resource nurse. Acts as preceptor and takes charge duties as assigned. Serves as charge nurse. Assigns work to unit/clinic staff as appropriate. Ensures unit/clinic operations and nursing care runs smoothly.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • Performs charge duties.

  • Identifies patient care problems and ensures follow-up.

  • Sets priorities for patient and unit/clinic needs.

  • Coordinates departmental activities and staff to ensure optimum patient care and resource utilization.

  • Makes/documents assignments taking into account patient needs and staff competencies.

  • Monitors daily staffing and adjusts according to census, acuity, and unit/clinic needs.

  • Provides clear, consistent direction for staff.

  • Practices professional nursing and delegates nursing tasks to nursing assistive personnel and provides direction to the LPN as appropriate.

  • Utilizes nursing process to deliver care.

  • Performs any task requiring nursing knowledge, judgment, and skills.

  • Administers medications.

  • Teaches LPNs and nursing assistive personnel special tasks of nursing care.

  • Verifies staff competency to perform special tasks of nursing care as appropriate.

  • Is responsible and accountable for quality of nursing rendered and adequacy of nursing care provided when special tasks are delegated to nursing assistive personnel.

  • Functions as primary nurse/total patient caregiver.

  • Serves as resource nurse and acts as preceptor.

  • Incorporates the Maui Health Vision, Model and Values throughout their Nursing Practice.

  • Performs other duties and accepts responsibility as assigned within the scope of their practice.

  • May be assigned to another cost center; that may include other work locations on a shift by shift basis to meet patient care requirements.