LPN - Clinic II (Meds)

Wailuku, Hawaii
May 29, 2024
Sep 12, 2024
Job Summary:

Under direction of Registered Nurse and medical orders of the Practitioner, provides direct and indirect nursing care in outpatient setting.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and prepares medical records for assigned patients; initiates follow-up for medical record as requested; reviews patients needs; identifies and prepares orders for needs of patient for authorization by practitioner and may accept verbal orders per policy; observes, collects, and documents new information on patient; informs RN or practitioners regarding incomplete data, new observation or abnormal/unusual data.

  • Implements basic nursing procedures per plan of care; administers treatments, immunizations, and medications as prescribed by practitioner; prepares medications for practitioners to use; performs point of care testing as authorized; provides laboratory, x-ray, and other reports to practitioner for review; notifies patients of normal results as directed by practitioner; considers special needs of different age groups when providing care; sets priorities of care based on acuity of patients.

  • Documents implementation of orders/interventions; records findings, instructions, and patient responses on appropriate forms or on-line records using department and/or JCAHO standards.Observes patients/familys responses to plan of care; reports unexpected responses to RN or practitioners; collaborates with RN/Practitioner to revise care plan when needed. Demonstrates and applies competency in basic nursing skills and use of equipment; maintains current knowledge and skills needed to perform position; attends and participates in staff meetings as needed; participates in projects as requested.

  • Performs efficiently in emergency patient care/clinic situation; follows established procedures; informs appropriate practitioner/RN. Assigns basic nursing tasks to unlicensed personnel as appropriate and according to department/unit standards; provides clear directions; acts as resource person to unlicensed staff; follows-up on assigned care to ensure it is given per standards, policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines.

  • Follows discharge plan developed by Practitioner or RN; processes and/or follows-up with referrals as directed by practitioners; provides instruction and pre-printed information to patients as directed by RN and/or Practitioners, observes and documents patient/family response to instructions and reports any concerns.

  • Manages all patient vaccine data, including updating Hawaii Immunization Registry System (HIR), Electronic Health Records (I), and all patient and/or external records at each patient visit. Readies any available immunization information prior to the time of visit with the provider. Stores and administers immunizations according to Health plan and VFC guidelines.

  • Identifies patient immunization requirements in accordance with age specific guidelines per CDC. Fills out appropriate immunization paperwork for recording purposes. Facilitates vaccine Health Plan and VFC inventory control at assigned clinic. Ordering vaccine and maintaining appropriate vaccine inventories.

  • Utilizes file maintenance to ensure newly arrived vaccines are entered in the I lot manager system as needed. Assures immunization clinics comply per health plan, federal and state guidelines - i.e., compliance with Health department site visits. Complete annual VFC enrollment training requirements and forms. Maintain all records related to the VFC program per program guidelines.

  • Trains new and existing LPNs on emergency vaccine storage procedures.Serves as a liaison with the state to coordinate VFC (vaccines for children) inventory. Generates reports on patients and contacts them for immunization compliance and updates as needed.

  • Assists in ensuring compliance with infection control policies and protocols and follows medication administration, storage procedures, Health plan CDC, State and federal VFC program guidelines. Provides educational materials to patients and reviews printed instructions with patients; collaborates with RN/Practitioner to revise teaching plan when needed.

  • Participates in orientation of new personnel. Demonstrates sufficient knowledge, skills, and abilities in area of specialization. Performs clean/sterile technique, sets up for procedures, assists with clinical procedure within department scope. Follow the recommended process for handling point of use instruments as outlined by the High-Level Disinfection Committee.

  • Maintain, order, organize, rotate, and stock supplies. Schedule patients for routine care, acute care, and addressing care gaps. Prepares and processes patient forms .

  • OHS only: Certification in Spirometry, Hearing Conservation, & Substance Abuse Specimen Collection or acquire certification within one year of hire.

  • Demonstrates knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide care and/or service appropriate to age groups served.

  • Demonstrates knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide culturally sensitive care and/or service.

  • Performs other duties and accepts responsibility as assigned within scope.

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