Nurse Practitioner - Cardiac/Cardiovascular (FT, Honolulu)

Honolulu, Hawaii
May 29, 2024
Sep 17, 2024
Nurse Practitioner
Job Summary:

Provides direct nursing care by utilizing advanced scientific knowledge, nursing theory and skills to assess, plan, and implement appropriate health and nursing care to patients, in addition to performing registered nursing functions. Provides indirect nursing care. Plans, guides, evaluates, and directs nursing care given by other personnel associated with the health care team. Teaches and counsels individuals or groups. Utilizes theories and skills to increase communication and knowledge among all members of health care team. Serves as a consultant and resource of advanced nursing knowledge and skills to those involved directly or indirectly in patient care. Participates in joint and periodic evaluation of services rendered.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Evaluates physical and psychosocial health status of the patient through a comprehensive health history and physical examination, using skills of observation, inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation, and using or ordering diagnostic instruments or procedures that are basic to nursing evaluation of physical signs and symptoms.

  • Assesses normal and abnormal findings from history, physical examination, and diagnostic reports.

  • Diagnoses patients health status and health care issues.

  • Oversees and directs nursing, medical and clerical personnel in provision of patient care.

  • Plans, implements, and evaluates care.

  • Consults with patient, support systems, and members of health care team to provide for acute and ongoing health care or referral of patient.

  • Manages plan of care prescribed for patient.

  • Initiates and maintains accurate records, appropriate legal documents, and other health and nursing care reports.

  • Develops individualized teaching plans with patient based on overt and covert health needs.

  • Counsels individuals, families, and groups about health and illness and promotion of health maintenance.

  • Recognizes, develops, and implements professional and community educational programs related to health care.

  • Participates in periodic and joint evaluation of services rendered.

  • Conducts research and analyzes health needs of individuals and populations and designs programs which target at-risk groups and cultural and environmental factors which foster health and prevent illness.

  • Participates in policy analysis and development of new policy initiatives in the area of practice specialty.

  • Contributes to development, maintenance, and change of health care delivery systems to improve quality of health care services and consumer access to services.

  • Incorporates the KP Nursing Vision, Model and Values through out their Nursing Practice.

  • Performs other duties and accepts responsibility as assigned.

  • May perform patient care to the extent necessary to maintain clinical expertise, competency and licensing necessary to fulfill job responsibilities and to direct the provision of care on the unit.

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