Per Diem Certified Nurse Midwife (Baldwin Park)

Baldwin Park, California
May 18, 2024
May 25, 2024
Job Summary:

Under the supervision of an Ob-Gyn Physician, manages the medical care of patients throughout the maternity cycle, including the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum and gynecological periods. Provides standard maternity care and counseling to expectant women following ambulatory care and inpatient standardized procedures, protocols, policy and procedures and instructions regulated by the State of California Nurse Practice Act and Southern California Permanente Medical Group.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Under the supervision of an Ob-Gyn physician, manages the care of women during labor and delivery.

  • Obtains an accurate medical, obstetrical, gynecological and psycho-social history of the present pregnancy.

  • Observes signs of the members general and obstetrical health status.

  • Performs complete physical examinations including the pap smear, breast examination, abdominal examination, pelvic examination and clinical pelvimetry.

  • Records all findings of examinations, histories and significant observations in the patients chart.

  • Determines pregnancy status during gestation, presentation and position of fetus and fetal heart rate.

  • Determines whether all findings are within normal limits.

  • Orders appropriate laboratory examinations such as chest X-ray, ultrasound, CBC, urinalysis, blood type and Rh factor, serology tests.

  • Consults with and obtains orders from an obstetrician for any special care or diagnostic procedure and refers to other services as necessary.

  • Institutes preventative measures and detects abnormal conditions, obtains consultation and assistance from physicians as needed.

  • Teaches, counsels and guides individual members regarding their individual health care.

  • Determines the need for social services, genetics or mental health services and refers as appropriate.

  • Evaluates patients general and obstetrical health status.

  • Provides health supervision, care and family planning advice to women during antepartum and postpartum periods.

  • Evaluates fetal status by performing such procedures as abdominal palpation and ultrasound examinations to estimate fetal weight, presentation and position, approximate station and fetal heart rate.

  • Able to perform internal and external fetal monitoring and interpretation.

  • Consults with obstetrician regarding questionable findings.

  • Determines members degree of labor and whether member is to be admitted to labor and delivery.

  • Independently conducts normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries.

  • First assists at Cesarean Sections and gynecological surgeries.

  • Performs immediate care of the newborn.

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