Radiology RN - Caton Hill MOB * $10,000 SIGN ON BONUS ELIGIBLE

Woodbridge, Virginia
May 15, 2024
May 29, 2024
Job Summary:

The scope of practice of Radiology Nursing occurs within the framework of the nursing process and encompasses those nursing functions which assist the member having diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional procedures. Nursing functions are directed toward providing continuity of care through pre-procedural assessment and preparation, intra-procedural intervention and post-procedural evaluation as well as patient education. The radiology nurse assists in the development and implementation of policies and procedures quality assurance and education.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • Under the direction of the Radiologist, assists physicians with procedures requiring professional nursing skills and implements medical treatment plan.

  • Provides pre-procedural assessment and preparation, intra-procedural intervention and post-procedural evaluation. Utilizes this assessment for identification of actual and potential needs; responds to all contrast reactions and medical emergencies, assuming role as team leader until attending Radiologist or Emergency Medical system arrives; administers all medications, p.o. or LV., ordered by the attending

  • Radiologist: Oxygen, l.V. fluids, premedication9 sedation, narcotics, including pediatric sedation with appropriate V. S. and fluid monitoring; in conjunction with the technologists, administers oral CT Barium at appropriate intervals prior to CT scanning and l.V. contrast agents (ionic and nonionic); performs or assists in l.V. angiocath or butterfly placement, nasogastric tubes or urinary catheters as necessary in adults, children or infants; maintains crash carts and emergency supplies in each imaging suite daily, and monitors performance of defibrillator and suction. Checks supplies of Oxygen, l.V., Fluids, contrast, catheters, needles and medications; monitors all sedated pediatric patients in CT or MAI (non-ionizing radiation; radar and micro-waves and 1 .5 Tesla static magnetic field. Assists in Special Procedures as needed; reviews discharge instructions with patients or parents after imaging procedures or special procedures, myelogram, tube drainage, and anthrogram. Assists the Lead Radiologist in the triage of patients as urgent, ASAP, or routine for the purpose of scheduling.

  • Documents observations, interventions, and evaluations of the patient in the medical record in accordance with department policies and protocols.

  • Acts as interdepartmental liaison between Imaging Center and other service departments, offices and providers.

  • Utilizes assessments to monitor and identify potential risks which impact on patient safety and takes appropriate action.

  • Provides professional nursing care to patients. Assists Radiology staff by serving as a clinical resource.

  • Conducts departmental or interdepartmental in-services.

  • Provides patient and family education.

  • Serves as a patient advocate.

  • Participants in Development and Implementation of Polices and procedures.

  • Maintains all drugs, medications and medical supplies at Imaging Center. Follows all Imaging Center policies and procedures.

  • Coordinates staff quality assurance ~- risk management programs.

  • Participates in Quality Improvement activities.

  • Maintains code cart in accordance to imaging Center standards and provides emergency care as needed. Monitors performance of medical equipment.

  • Attends continuing education programs and updates knowledge of regulations, standards and techniques related to assigned duties.

  • Maintains and coordinates nursing orientation in the Radiology Department.

  • Performs other related duties as directed.

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