RNFA - On Call, Tyson's MOB

McLean, Virginia
May 11, 2024
Aug 15, 2024
Job Summary:

To provide qualified surgical assistance when requested by the surgeon, in order to ensure optimal results for the patient. This position is adjunct to the basic functions of the OR Nurse.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • See OR Nurse representative duties.

  • RNs as first assistants in the OR will work interdependently with the surgeon, providing a safe operation with optimal results for the patient.

  • The Registered Nurse First Assistant will at all times act under the direct supervision of the Surgeon performing only those functions specifically stated in a manner consistent with his/her education and experience.

  • All assignments will be made by the ASC Supervisor or designee, with regard to optimum patient care.

  • Knowledge of surgical anatomy, physiology and operative technique pertaining to the procedure being

  • Skill and knowledge in applying principles of asepsis and infection control.

  • Performs other related duties as directed.