Urology RN - Short Hours, Caton Hill MOB

Woodbridge, Virginia
May 10, 2024
Jun 01, 2024
Job Summary:

To coordinate and monitor care of patients in the urology clinic.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Sets-up, performs, and/or assists with minor surgical and invasive procedures as appropriate, including cystoscopies, TRUS, vasectomies, MRI fusion biopsies, bladder Botox injections and biopsies.

  • Collaborate closely with the physician, clinical assistants, family members and patient to ensure medications, lifestyle changes, and therapy services are suitable.

  • Be familiar with signs and symptoms of infection and be comfortable dressing wounds and assessing long-term catheters.

  • Report any complications or issues to the physician.

  • Perform extensive patient and family education regarding a variety of bladder, kidney, and other urinary tract disorders.

  • Performs urodynamics, uroflows, and systometrograms.

  • Initiates and monitors IV therapy to therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

  • Provides ongoing assurance of functional emergency equipment and adequate emergency drug supplies.

  • Maintains competencies in scope and instrument reprocessing and ensures daily functioning/integrity of scopes.

  • Coordinates, implements, and evaluates patient teaching plans for areas or urologic disease management and other areas as designated.

  • Administer intravesical chmotherapy for prostate cancer and monitor patient post Chemotherapy instillation.

  • Administer BCG, dimethyl sulfoxide, and other medications via indwelling bladder catheter. Administers all oral and injecting medications in the assigned clinical area.

  • Perform Stent removal, Lupron administration, Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS), and Suprapubic Catheter Change/Insertion.

  • Coordinate all care for prostate cancer clinic with multidisciplinary team

  • Performs other related duties as directed.

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