Staff Educator RN - NICU

Baldwin Park, California
May 02, 2024
Aug 15, 2024
Job Summary:

Collaborates with Education Consultants, Managers, CNS staff and Physicians to develop, design, deliver and evaluate/improve education strategies and special projects/programs based on clients departmental goals and needs, as well as organizational goals/objectives. Implements education programs and strategies and coordinates to meet regulatory program requirements and organizational needs. Participates in competency assessments and evaluations of new and existing staff. Contributes to ongoing employee performance appraisals.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Develops, coordinates and evaluates programs to meet regulatory requirements and organizational, departmental and discipline-specific needs.
  • Designs, develops, coordinates and evaluates activities for continuing professional education for staff.
  • Collaborates with consultants to develop special projects in professional education, development and learning.
  • Communicates and markets education programs to a broad target audience using appropriate methods, and based on identified/assessed needs.
  • Makes recommendations for cost/quality strategies, works within budget; serves as expert resource to staff and departments in defining and meeting educational, clinical, quality and cost outcomes and performance measures.
  • Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates/improves the orientation, cross training and education/competency processes/systems for clinical staff and students.
  • Evaluates performance issues and develops strategies for remediation.
  • Responds to corporate and industry changes in clinical practice and professional education and provides necessary training, education and development which improve organizational performance.
  • Participates in leadership projects, meetings, committees and improvement activities.
  • Ensures compliance and documentation of organizational records based on regulatory agency standards.

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