Registered Nurse, Infusion Services, Float Pool, Regional Office

Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 13, 2024
Sep 10, 2024
Job Summary:

The Oncology Treatment Center Nurse is a licensed, registered nurse who has completed training in the care of inpatient and or ambulatory oncology patients. Incumbent utilizes a high level of knowledge of the oncology disease process and effectively communicates medical issues with physicians. Understands the multidisciplinary care of Oncology patients within hospital systems outside of the Kaiser Permanente Region, Radiation Oncology, Imaging studies, Surgical procedures and External oncologists. Interprets data received prior to treatment and utilizes nursing judgment that is in line with treatment protocols and parameters and communicates the data to the physician. Ability to be self-directed and act independently and to intervene as appropriate to resolve issues. Basic knowledge of the disease process, coordination of multidisciplinary care, high level of judgment, ability to interpret data received, coordinate and integrate information and communicate medical issues with physicians. Directs, initiates, and implements oncology patient care plan bases on established protocols. Collaborates with practitioners, nurses, palliative care and other ancillary departments and with the patient and family.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • The nurses responsibilities include, but are not limited to, chemotherapy administration, blood product administration, Infusion therapy, intravenous catheter care, central line care, medication administration, assisting physicians in the performance of medical procedures as necessary.

  • Perform venipuncture, therapeutic phlebotomy, patient and family education regarding disease process, treatment plans and expected effects and unexpected effects of treatment to report to providers.

  • Rapid recognition of emergency situations and management of the emergent care needed for the oncology patients.

  • Schedule patient follow-up appointments for treatment and provider visits and scheduling of procedures as needed. Monitors and evaluates patient condition and response to treatment.

  • Assesses the side effects of treatment and identifies additional health problems that may require medical attention. Reviews laboratory data for abnormal or unusual results.

  • Confers with the physician as needed based on the medical status of the patient.

  • Initiates consultations with other health-related personnel (dietitian, social services, mental health, etc.).

  • Ensures that appropriate follow-up and testing are performed (makes clinic appointments, contacts patients who miss clinic appointments, etc.).

  • Documents patient information in the electronic medical record.

  • Provides emotional counseling and ongoing support to patients and their families in matters relating to the course of therapy, the status of the disease, the prognosis, and home management. The nurse works closely with the medical, nursing, and ancillary staff of the institution to provide quality and safe care.

  • Continuity between inpatient and outpatient services is emphasized. Acts as liaison with the nursing and medical staff when outpatients are admitted to the hospital.

  • Follows the hospital course of these patients, providing counseling and emotional support as needed. The nurse is responsible for the maintenance of records pertaining to patient care.

  • Continuing education is required and the nurse will attend a minimum of one oncology conference per year.

  • Your access to protected health information (PHI) will be limited to the minimum necessary required to effectively perform your job.

  • May perform other duties as assigned.

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