Advanced Practice Nurse -Specialty - Oncology, PRN, Lone Tree

Lone Tree, Colorado
Apr 13, 2024
May 17, 2024
Nurse Practitioner
UFCW Local 7 - $63.06 - $71.99

"May be entitled to translation/bilingual, shift or other wage premiums as governed by the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Please refer to the respective collective bargaining agreement for additional information on such wage premiums:

Job Summary:

Practices professional nursing by the performance of both independent nursing and delegated medical functions in accordance with accepted practice standards. Utilizes specialized knowledge, judgment, and skills involving the application of biological, physical, social, and behavioral science principles. Functions include patient advocacy and the initiation and performance of nursing care and advanced clinical skills to evaluate, diagnose, and treat human disease, pain, injury, physical or mental conditions, health maintenance and promotion, supportive and restorative care. SPECIALTIES INCLUDED UNDER THIS JOB DESCRIPTION: Emergency Room, Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Psychiatric Mental Health, Urogynecology, Oncology and Rheumatology.

Essential Responsibilities:

This description is for recruitment posting purposes only. It has not received full HR review and approval.
DATA COLLECTION: Obtains a pertinent medical history, performs an appropriate physical examination, and reviews relevant laboratory or radiologic (or other) studies to assess the patients medical, physical, psychological, and relevant socio
•economic status.
• Will have full access to patient medical records and other information pertinent to those patients under his/her care.
• ASSESSMENT: Formulates an accurate and appropriate diagnosis based on elicited data, and includes differential diagnoses as appropriate.
• TREATMENT PLANNING: Develops and implements treatment plans that are aligned with the practice preferences of the Collaborating Physician(s) including orders for medication and/or other treatment modalities, the need for additional testing, consultation to other providers, and follow
•up provisions.
• Provides care with attention to safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.
• Plans are appropriately prioritized and adapted to the patient and circumstance.
• PROCEDURAL CONSIDERATIONS: Performs procedures within the limits of their expertise and in accordance with the State Regulations and Organizational Policies.
• PATIENT EDUCATION AND COUNSELING: Educates and counsels patients and their families regarding their treatment plan, including disease prevention and health promotion.
• Promotes the availability of culturally
•sensitive health and resource information that is evidence
•based, patient centered, and enables informed choice.
• DOCUMENTATION : Documents all examination data, diagnostic impressions, appropriate codes, and other patient care activities in the medical record, including the name(s) of any consulted physicians or other providers.
• OTHER TASKS: Observes the principles and techniques of Universal Precautions.
• Conducts telephonic and virtual encounters as appropriate.
• Manages assigned in
•basket tasks.
• Takes necessary and appropriate actions in emergency situations.
• Performs other clinical/administrative duties as directed.
• VALUE STATEMENTS: Makes the patient the primary focus of their actions; develops and sustains productive and compassionate patient relationships.
• Leads the health care team by influence, innovation, and by modeling integrated effective patient care and exemplary service.
• Promotes and maintains a physically safe and confidential environment for care.
• Collaborates with all members of the health care team.
• Knows their personal limitations and when to seek advice and/or consultation from other members of the health care team
• Understands and acknowledges the impact of personal values and cultural differences on the patient
•provider relationship.
• PROFESSIONAL EXPECTATIONS: Assumes responsibility for maintaining clinical competence through participation in continuing education and other activities.
• Maintains professional certification and active licensure.
• Participates in the training and/or mentoring of new employees, colleagues, and students.
• Participates in quality assurance activities including the Peer Review process.
• Has the quality of their care evaluated by the Collaborating Physician(s) as stipulated by State and/or KFHP/CPMG policies.
• Evaluates personal performance and establishes annual goals aligned with KFHP regional expectations.
• Maintains a working knowledge of, and complies with relevant (Federal, State, and/or Organizational) laws, rules, and policies; including licensure and certification.
• Educates and promotes the roles of the APN/PA to patients and members of the health care team.