Addiction Medicine Nurse Counselor RN - Full Time

Ventura, California
Mar 27, 2024
Jun 11, 2024
Job Summary:

Responsible for nursing assessment, monitoring and support of outpatients and/or inpatients by the Addiction Medicine Department.

Essential Responsibilities:

Conducts Nursing assessments of patients, screening for detoxification needs and other health-related concerns. Based on preliminary assessment and/or diagnosis, recommends the next level of treatment and liaisons with appropriate staff to ensure continuity of care. Implements outpatient detoxification protocols and administers medications and processes laboratory requests consistent with physician orders. Evaluates and documents the efficacy of treatments and/or medications taken. Develops and presents (as directed) patient-oriented lectures and materials or health-related and program concerns Functions as a member of the multidisciplinary treatment team, making appropriate referrals, advocating for patient needs, coordinating care delivery, and maintaining/improving quality standards. Provides consultation services to physicians and nurses within other Kaiser medical departments as directed and provides clear, concise and targeted evaluations of patient need for Addiction Medicine continuing care services. Provides appropriate nursing care in support of other program activities. Orders, receives and distributes pharmaceuticals and medical supplies as necessary. Assists in the development of nursing policies, practices and procedures as related to the Department of Addiction Medicine.

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