Regional RN Clinical Residency & New to Specialty Fellowship Transition to Practice Coordinator ~ Ex

Renton, Washington
Feb 13, 2024
May 02, 2024
Job Summary:

Working under the direction of the Regional Program Manager for Nursing Professional Transition and Development Programs, provides facility-level leadership for the delivery of high quality and cost-effective professional transition programs including the New RN Graduate residency program. Provides clinical oversight and management of new graduate residents and partners with medical center leadership teams and departments to support effectiveness of local programs and success of residents.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates with local talent acquisition team to recruit, post, select/hire, onboard and off-board new graduate RN residents as they progress throughout the residency program, ensuring that new residents are placed in regular positions in the appropriate line structure.

  • Continuously monitors resident progression with learning goals, confidence assessments and competency assessments. Creates individualized development plans as needed to promote success, developing resident competency and the ability to safely manage full patient load efficiently and effectively.

  • Collaborates with local leaders to foster an environment for optimizing the learning experience. Serves as a RN resident advocate supporting the development of residents skills/confidence for self-advocacy.

  • Coordinates with local operational leaders, charge Nurses/team leads, and preceptors to ensure appropriate clinical placement and scheduling. Works to ensures that residents have the appropriate patient load, appropriate patient acuity level and adequate support to ensure patient safety.

  • Coordinates and/or facilities delivery of clinical seminars, group discussions, situation debriefs, simulations, case studies, EBP seminars, and other learning activities for development of resident competence and competence.

  • Participates in ongoing systematic evaluation of Nurse residency program and provides input for market-level reports, continuous improvement, and action plans. This includes but is not limited to: documenting periodic assessment of nurse residency program at the local level with action plans for required improvements.

  • Collaborates and assists with curricula and competency selection, development and delivery of evidence-based education in support of the development of new graduate residents and safe patient care.

  • Collaborates with local leadership to communicate and administer participant and preceptor selection processes and facilitates hiring decisions for residents, ensuring the selection of appropriate residents and preceptors resulting in successful long-term placement and retention of residents.

  • Contributes to the development of market-level applications and submission of evidence for ANCC transition to practice accreditation and re-accreditation.

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