Professional Education/Development Consultant RN, Periop experience required

Pasadena, California
Jan 30, 2024
Apr 24, 2024
Job Summary:

Provides program planning/management, consultative and strategic planning services to senior executives and nursing executives in areas of nursing professional education, development, competencies and continuous learning in order to assess/evaluate, maintain, improve and develop professional nursing practices and align nursing education, professional development and professional practice with strategic organizational goals/objectives; manages the over-all design, implementation and evaluation/improvement of assigned professional nursing education/development programs in the California Region; dissemination of evidence base practice and manages best practice models that improve nursing and organizational performance.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Develops short, intermediate and long-range education/development plans to support identified current and future needs for nursing resources and professional practice, as well as organizational/strategic goals and objectives.

  • Manages and develops the strategic planning of professional nursing education, development and learning programs, standards, goal/objectives related to enhancing professional practice and meeting organizational/business needs.

  • Plans, develops, implements and evaluates collaborative and innovative education/continuous learning strategies and programs for Regional nursing personnel and aligns education/professional development and continuous learning.

  • Plans, develops, maintains, evaluates/improves existing professional education/ development/learning services and programs throughout the California Region.

  • Assesses priority education/professional development needs identified by senior nursing and other executives, as well as external agencies, partners and authorities.

  • Provides linkage between identified educational needs and current and planned programs offered by internal and external sources/partners.

  • Provides consultative services and acts as an expert resource to external and internal professional partner/stakeholders in the areas of professional nursing education/ development program design, development, improvement and evaluation.

  • Develops and maintains external contractual partnerships with private and public sector organizations, academic institutions/organizations and learning vendors in order to establish and maintain a flexible and competent nursing work force that can be utilized across a variety of roles, functions and patient-care settings.

  • Coordinates curricula related to specialty programs and cross-training.

  • Establishes and evaluates education/development and advanced degree/learning programs.

  • Communicates to Regional leadership the goals, objectives and planned outcomes of professional nursing education program development.

  • Represents Regional education/development programs to internal and external groups, governmental agencies/authorities and schools/universities.

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