Director of Professional Nursing Practice

Honolulu, Hawaii
Jan 23, 2024
Apr 10, 2024
Job Summary:

Evaluates nursing practice in KP Hawaii. Provides consultation and guidance regarding nursing practice standards in the region; makes strategic decisions regarding nursing practice with significant impact on operations (e.g. scope of practice; nursing staff models). Advances the art and science of nursing practice in a patient centered environment through a professional practice model, research, and leadership.
Directs the development, implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement of the KP Hawaii region in clinical and nursing practice. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with KP Hawaii leaders, HPMG leaders, and other regional peers. Applies for and directs administrative oversight for care delivery grants. Directs and manages KP Hawaii Clinical/Nursing Practice department for development and dissemination of educational and quality improvement methods in clinical/nursing practice through programs to optimize patient, organizational, staff, and community outcomes. Provide leadership and management to professional and administrative staff who support, design, implement, and evaluate professional practice programs. Supports leadership in the definition and attainment of organizational goals. Partners with Nursing peers to realize goals for Nursing in the Hawaii region.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Makes policy and strategy decisions regarding nursing and clinical practice programs for KP Hawaii.

  • Uses knowledge of Kaiser Permanente to analyze and anticipate consequences of decisions and impact on the organization.

  • Directs the development, implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement of the KP Hawaii clinical/nursing program across disciplines and senior leadership levels for multi-faceted situations.

  • Directs the development and evaluation of evidence-based nursing policies and procedures in accordance with regulatory requirements (Hawaii Nurse Practice Act and Model of Nursing), external laws and professional nursing standards.

  • Hires, leads, manages and terminates the nursing practice department leadership personnel that include clinical coordinators from various nursing specialties.

  • Translates and consistently/effectively communicates strategic vision and performance and connects to larger picture.

  • Clearly provides action steps to nursing practice.

  • Directs/influences innovative nursing roles for patient care delivery.

  • Assembles and influences diverse key stakeholders to analyze complex issues and when appropriate to support decisions regarding regional nursing practice.

  • Directs/oversight for all financial performance for regional Nursing Practice Programs (including applicable grants).

  • Responsible for department budget compliance and performance objectives.

  • Influences regional nurse managers/leaders and nursing staff to engage in professional nursing practice and standards.

  • Directs the development of nursing care delivery models to ensure defined roles of team members and align scope of practice.

  • Directs and supports a nursing culture of compliance, service, ethics, professionalism, compassion, teamwork, patient family centered care, excellence and integrity.

  • Develops, leads, and evaluates strategies to advance the nurse/patient relationship and nurse communication with the patient and family through performance improvements that increase positive nursing communication outcomes.

  • Develops, partners where appropriate, and evaluates the leadership development programs for nurses to move from entry level to executive nursing leadership roles at KP Hawaii.

  • Participates in the successful design, implementation, maintenance and improvement of Kaiser Permanente's Professional Nursing Practice Model in the Hawaii region.

  • Plans, develops, and/or directs the implementation of regional initiatives that disseminates best practice, excellence in practice, and standards of care.

  • Hires, fires and disciplines as part of performance management.

  • Provides leadership for developing and advancing the practice of nursing through research and implementation of evidence-based practice.

  • Acts as a thought partner to the Vice-President, Chief Nurse Executive of the Hawaii Region

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