Charge RN, Emergency Department (24hr/Day)

Clackamas, Oregon
Jan 19, 2024
Mar 16, 2024
Job Summary:

The Charge Nurse, under the direct and indirect supervision of the Nursing Unit Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator and/or Hospital Supervisor facilitates and assists with all levels of nursing care being provided to a group of patients within one nursing unit during the period of one working shift. In addition to these responsibilities, the Charge Nurse frequently assumes all or partial staff nurse responsibilities. The Charge Nurses are directly accountable to the Nursing Coordinator for the unit. The Charge Nurses assist the staff nurses with day to day problem solving, communication between shifts, and may serve as a link between staff nurse and the Nursing Coordinator.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • The Charge Nurse will assist in the supervising of nursing personnel: Assist in the interviewing process of applicants for posted positions and makes recommendations to the Coordinator. Support organizational goals and objectives. Provide input into staff evaluations. Monitor performance of staff and provide documentation of performance problems to the Coordinator. Provide input into the development and maintenance of staffing patterns for the patient care unit and helps to monitor day-to-day staffing and utilization of nursing resources. Coordinate staff meetings under the direction of the Coordinator.

  • The Charge Nurse will contribute to overall functioning of the Unit by monitoring resources. Identify and communicate to the Coordinator systems problems that interfere with effective client care and convey risk situations to the Coordinator. Participate and give input into trend analysis for the operational budget. Assist with materials management, ensuring availability of supplies needed. Provide direction during emergency situations as delegated.

  • The Charge Nurse will actively participate in providing and/or facilitating client care. Participate in the development and implementation of standards of client care, policies and procedures and protocols. Coordinate and participate in the delivery of patient care on a specific unit. Utilizing the nursing process: 1. Assess need and priorities of patient. 2. Assist in the implementation of nursing care. 3. Evaluate effectiveness of nursing care. Participate in the development and ongoing monitoring of quality assurance activities. Provide input into and participate in development and achievement of departmental goals and objectives. Participate in multi-disciplinary patient care conferences and discharge planning activities as appropriate. Identify and assist in problem-solving both intrashift and intershift. Keep Coordinators Hospital Supervisors informed of problems/resolutions. Function within expected behavior standards of Staff Nurse as participating in role.

  • The Charge Nurse will function as an educator for other health care professional and clients. Assists in development and presentation of in-service programs. Participates in clinical orientation to the nursing unit. Participate in the planning and provision of education/teaching to patients and their families. Serve as a resource to other departments in area of specialty.

  • The Charge Nurse will participate in professional activities for self and others. Support departmental and organizational philosophy, goals, objectives, policies and procedures. Participate in meetings, special projects, and committees as designated. Support and/or participate in research programs approved by the Department of Nursing as designated. Promote interdepartmental and intradepartmental communications. Foster good public relations. Assume responsibility for own continuing education and development.

  • The Staff Nurse will apply knowledge of organizational expectations of personnel policies and procedures. Follow appropriate policies and procedures for use of time in work environment, including absenteeism and tardiness. Monitor and take corrective action to prevent recurring absences. Return promptly from breaks and schedule them in concert with co-workers to provide appropriate coverage of unit and client care activities. Consistently on time and ready to work at start of shift and has assignments completed at end of shift. Maintain confidentiality of all client and organizational records. Release information according to established policy/procedure. Demonstrate a positive attitude while at the work site. Does not conduct personal conversations when members are waiting for service. Does not carry on discussions regarding other staff members, the organization, or medical care in public areas. Restricts personal business to non-client care areas during bonafide break times. Identify self by wearing a name tag, and verbally introducing self by name, title and/or department. Address members with courtesy and respect. Provide assistance to members or connects member with appropriate person when needed. Apply same courtesy standards to members on the telephone as in person.

Oversees quality of unit in conjunction with the manager.

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