Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Honolulu (Full Time)

Honolulu, Hawaii
Jan 19, 2024
Mar 13, 2024
Job Summary:

Provides anesthesia care of patients including pre-anesthetic preparation and evaluation, selection and administration of anesthetic agents or other agents administered in management of anesthetic care, anesthesia induction, maintenance, emergence, and post anesthesia care. Supports life functions during peri-operative period. Recognizes and takes appropriate action for untoward patient responses during anesthesia. Observes and manages patients emergence from anesthesia. Participates in life support of patient including peri-anesthetic and clinical support functions. Participates in periodic and joint evaluation of services.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • Provides pre-anesthetic preparation and patient evaluation. Obtains appropriate health history. Ensures patient identification. Recommends, requests, and evaluates pertinent diagnostic studies.

  • Documents pre-anesthetic evaluation. Obtains informed consent for anesthesia. Selects and/or administers pre-anesthetic medications.

  • Selects, prepares and administers anesthetic agents or other agents administered in management of anesthetic care. Informs Anesthesiologist and/or surgeon of changes in patients condition.

  • Provides anesthesia induction, maintenance, emergence, and post anesthesia care. Inserts invasive line catheter/devices. Performs tracheal intubation and extubation, airway management. Provides mechanical ventilation. Performs venous and arterial punctures. Obtains blood samples. Performs and manages regional anesthetic. Manages patients fluid, blood, electrolyte and acid base balance. Provides perianesthetic invasive and non-invasive monitoring utilizing current standards and techniques. Responds to abnormal findings with corrective action. Recognizes and treats cardiac dysrhythmias through use of perianesthetic electrocardiogram monitoring.

  • Evaluates patient response during emergence from anesthesia. Institutes pharmacological or supportive treatment to insure adequacy of patient recovery from anesthesia and adjuvant drugs. Provides post anesthesia follow-up, report, and evaluation of patients response to anesthesia and for potential anesthetic complication. Takes appropriate corrective actions. Requests consultation whenever indicted.

  • Documents anesthesia related care.

  • Identifies and manages emergency situations. Initiates or participates in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

  • Provides consultation and implementation of respiratory and ventilatory care.

  • Performs or orders equipment safety checks as needed. Notifies supervisor or Anesthesiologist of needed equipment adjustments/repairs. Cleans and sterilizes equipment. Orders supplies.

  • May perform patient care to the extent necessary to maintain clinical expertise, competency and licensing necessary to fulfill job responsibilities and to direct the provision of care on the unit.

  • Performs procedures done outside of OR including but not limited to intubation, arterial line placement IV insertions, etc. and charts details in Health Connect.

  • Provides direct patient care on an as needed basis. Provides services that are within scope of license and in compliance with all legal, regulatory, and policy requirements relevant to clinical role performed.

  • Incorporates the KP Nursing Vision, Model and Values through out their Nursing Practice.

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