Clackamas, Oregon
Jan 19, 2024
Feb 27, 2024
Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Clinical Coordinator, the purpose of this position is to support the medical needs of the Health Plan members and the other patients of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program. Under supervision, the Team Leader is delegated authority and responsibility to manage and facilitate nursing services within the appointed module/department/area. The nurse provides care that is consistent with the philosophy of the Health Care Program.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • Leadership Responsibilities: In collaboration with physician leadership (PIC, Chief or lead) and the Clinic Coordinator, determines the staffing and scheduling needs for their designated area of responsibility. Acts in a cost conscious manner to recommend canceling, teaming and mix alterations as fluctuations in demand occur.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Assesses staff educational needs within the Module/Department/Service and facilitates the delivery of appropriate in-service experiences.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Develops and maintains orientation checklist. Provides orientation for nursing and provider staff.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Assists with the preparation of Performance Appraisals for LPNs and unlicensed personnel in their module/Department or service. Provides input to the Clinic Coordinator for development of Performance Appraisals for R.N. staff.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Collaborates with the Clinic Coordinator in developing policies and procedures for the module.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Collaborates with other Team Leaders to effectively and efficiently utilize resources in delivering quality care to members.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Collaborates with Clinic Coordinator in setting quality standards for nursing care.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Coordinates intra-office emergency systems (fire, codes) with other Team Leaders and the Clinic Coordinator.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Coordinates patient education and case management efforts within the module.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Works in partnership with appropriate physician leadership to facilitate interdisciplinary team functioning.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Manages access, wait lists and referral process in partnership with provider leadership, appointment center and Clinic Coordinator.

  • Leadership Responsibilities: Performs selected monitoring functions: A. Health and Safety, B. Quality Assurance, C. Applicable Engineering work and repairs, D. Supplies and equipment.

  • Nursing Practice: Provide and document quality patient care utilizing the nursing process.

  • Nursing Practice: Performs or appropriately delegates independent nursing functions as defined in the Oregon and Washington Nurse Practice Acts.

  • Nursing Practice: Communicates patient needs and changes in condition to appropriate personnel.

  • Nursing Practice: Functions as a patient advocate within the scope of a Health Maintenance Organization.

  • Nursing Practice: Maintains a safe and therapeutic environment for staff, patients and family members.

  • Nursing Practice: Uses cost effective measures in the delivery of nursing care.

  • Nursing Practice: Coordinates and implements medical orders.

  • Nursing Practice: Performs skilled nursing tasks and demonstrates operational knowledge of procedures and equipment.

  • Nursing Practice: Performs triage and telephone advice independently and within scope of the Oregon and Washington Nurse Practice Act.

  • Nursing Practice: Coordinates activities of the interdisciplinary team in order to ensure positive outcomes for individual patients with complex health care needs.

  • Nursing Practice: Develops nursing care plans for high risk patients, and populations, cared for within the module.

  • Nursing Practice: Identifies patient/caregiver knowledge deficits associated with health care and/or the therapeutic regimen and responds appropriately.

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