Thoracic Surgery Clinic, Coordinator - RN

Santa Clara, California
Jan 19, 2024
May 02, 2024
Responsible for coordinating patient care throughout the cardiovascular care continuum Ensuries the effective coordination and continuation of patient care from the pre-surgery to post-surgery treatments.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates pre-surgery care services. Responsible for the initial intake and setting up the patient coordination process with external providers.

  • Determines availability of operating rooms and books cases accordingly. Completes surgical work ups for referrals. Coordinates transmission of clinical and benefit information to patients, families and outside agencies.

  • Coordinates the clinical management of post-surgery patients. Manages post discharge planning to ensure the continuing care of patient which include follow up appointments, educational programs and outside services for continuing care.

  • Provides patient education and consultation for patient and family members throughout treatment.
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